HOSTAL SUECIA Bed and Breakfast

A cosy, family-run bed and breakfast in the very heart of Cusco




Professional medical assistance is available in Cusco, and is covered by most foreign insurance companies. Emergency evacuations may be easily arranged. Most medicinal drugs and a wide variety of natural medical practitioners are available. For travel in mountain regions of Peru there are no vaccination requirements. However, visitors to the jungle are required to have Yellow Fever vaccinations while Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Cholera shots are optional.
Altitude sickness is a common problem when arriving to Cusco. It is characterized by headache, feeling lack of air and dizziness. It can affect in a strong way to some people while not to others. The common measures against it are to rest the first day, do not eat too much and drink a couple cups of coca tea.
Other health problems are related to things that you can drink and eat. To avoid problems you may prefer bottled mineral water which is readily available in any shop. 

HOSTAL SUECIA Bed and Breakfast
Address: Calle Suecia 332. Cusco, Peru. Phone: +51 84 233282.